About Postma Tree

 Postma tree is committed to the longevity and preservation of urban trees. However, situations arise when a tree must be removed. A tree may die, become hazardous or have grown in a poor location. A consultation with us will help you determine the best course of action.

Trees are a precious commodity in our cities that require long term planning and care. Trees are living organisms that improve our atmosphere, the air that we breathe and the quality of our neighbourhoods. Trees have always been ‘green’ and will continue to play a vital role in our communities.
Regular maintenance is important to protect your trees from injury and decline, while ensuring structural safety and proper form.
• Improve appearance and shape
• Prolonging the life of your trees
• Promote healthy and regulated growth
• Remove potentially hazardous growth over your roof, eaves, skylights, cars and yards
• Lower the risk of storm damage by reducing wind resistance and increasing strength
Unfortunately, trees can break and fail causing considerable damage to home and property. During storms, heavy loads are applied to trees which can cause failure at weak points and areas of decay. Even a healthy tree can succumb to storm damage.
Postma Tree is on call for tree emergencies, tree removal, pruning\trimming with fast response times and efficient service.
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